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Deadpool 2 New Trailer Breakdown!!


We got a little treat today with a new Deadpool trailer and it helped fill in some of the questions about whats going on in this movie. ICYMI here it is in all its fourth wall breaking glory and a breakdown of what we know.

Ok let's do a quick breakdown. So Cable is coming back in time to save the world, which is really his favorite thing no matter if it's comics, tv, or movies. This time it seems to be a new mutant? or at least one I can't place from what we've seen. Luckily for him our favorite merc with a mouth is playing bodyguard for the kid so there we have our setup for the story. 

This time we are getting a few new friends too. X-Force is officially name dropped in this trailer and while we don't get the full roster run down we know a few characters. We already know Domino is there and looks like Shatterstar in white between DP and Terry Crews' character on the chopper. Still not sure of the fifth character is on the chopper but you may have noticed they gave us the name of who the office linebacker himself is playing. As Deadpool is going through headshots for X-Force we see Terry Crews with the name Bedlam under it. Bedlam has a bioelectrical field that affects mechanical and electrical things. Which is they are playing into Cable having a techno-organic virus could make him a useful guy to have on your side. There is also another female mutant on the team that we don't get a name for but looks like she could be playing Surge. She can absorb electricity and send it back out in blasts so another electric based character would make sense. 

We get to see DP in high heels, a real sweet X-Men jersey, a cameo from Professor X's wheelchair, and our bestie Blind Al gets the line of the trailer. The first movie was rad and looks like they are going to keep the streak going. Now all we need to do is make it till May to see it. Until then we can keep you covered literally in our Dopinder's Taxi tee!! Of course we all love the main man in red but be honest you know you were really just hoping for more Dopinder just like we were.                                                                                                    


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