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Westworld Season 2 Coming April 22nd


HBO may not be giving us Game of Thrones for a while but we will get some more old west fun this April 22 when Westworld comes back.

There will be another 10 episodes like the first season but looks like we will be seeing a lot this time. If you haven't finished season 1 this is where I put the spoiler warning so go on...get out....ok those 2 gone? Alright well what the hell man?! Season one not only told a wild story of A.I. possibly being sentient and how humans act when there are no rules but the wildest part is that the whole first season has been called a prologue. The "real" show starts in season 2. There are still a lot of questions and the biggest for me is whether or not this has all been planned. With Maeve and Dolores both making some huge calls in the first season finale we have to see if Ford was leading them to their decisions or if they have really figured out the maze for themselves. 

The show still seems to be mostly focused on the West part of Westworld but there are hints that they actually have 6 worlds going. We saw a few glimpses of the Samurai world and the writers have said that unlike the movie in the 70's there won't be a medieval or Roman world. I was also looking forward to Maeve getting out in the real world and seeing what she does out of the park's control but with her choice to go back we will have to wait to see how her roll changes in the chaos. Plus who thinks that was really Ford? He seemed to come around to Arnold's thoughts that the host's didn't deserve a life of repeated misery so people can be terrible to them but he also didn't seem like the kind of guy that would sacrifice himself to start a revolution.  Then we have the Man in Black/ William. Now we see how he started and who he became will we see what made him turn? 

This show was awesome in season 1 and there is no way they are going to slow down now. I want this to be like the last season we saw of Game of Thrones where it was non stop the whole time. A trip from the capital to the wall that before took half a season was handled in 20 minutes. I know some people didn't like that but come on the first season was a political drama set in medieval times. Now we have dragon zombies. Things changed and for the better I think. So like that lets use the world that was set up in season one and let it get banana sandwich levels of crazy moving ahead. 

I'm dropping the trailer here so if you missed it enjoy but what do you guys want to see? What questions are you walking in with and what worlds do you hope to see some killing in? Also make sure you are the cool kid in your watch parties by rocking the Mariposa Saloon tee and we have a few Westworld Funko Pop! figured left so grab yours before the inevitable series 2 comes out!!                                                                                                 

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