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7 Things to be Stoked on in 2019

2018 was rough for pretty much everyone (well at least the ones that survived the snap). Now we have a whole new year of nerdery to enjoy so we have pulled together what we are most looking forward to in the world of comic related tv, movies, and games. I couldn't find dates for Legions third season or the Netflix run of Locke and Key so those are my honorable mentions. Legion being the mutant show that is one of the wildest most imaginative shows out and Locke and Key is the horror book from Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) d artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

First up is one you won't have to wait too long for, the Punisher. With Disney getting ready to launch its own service Netflix has been losing the Marvel licenses but we still have Frank Castle and Jigsaw to keep us going so let's enjoy. In case you are super late to the party here is the trailer and the full run drops on January 18. 

 While they are losing Marvel Netflix has been filling it's lineup with some lesser known comic based shows. Besides the Locke and Key series they are giving us the Umbrella Academy. The book was written by Gerard Way (the singer of your favorite Hot Topic band My Chemical Romance) with art by one half of the Brazilian wonder twins Gabriel Ba. The book is only on its third run right now so easy to jump in and catch up and it is one I highly suggest. The one line pitch is that it is a blended family-super hero- action- drama- with a talking monkey. If you aren't already sold here is the trailer to check out ...   You can see the full season on February 15th. 

 First up in the Captain Marvel 2 pack is the MCU version Carol Danvers. This is set in the 90's and looks to introduce us to the woman that seems to be taking a/ the lead role in the next phase of Marvel movies. It also gives us some prime Nick Fury and a cat that seems to be a huge part. I don't get it but I will never complain about kittens in my super hero movies so wow me Goose!! Just to get this out of the way I was hoping for the fauxhawk Carol that has been in the comics recently but we at least are getting the mohawk look with the helmet so I won't hold it against them. The good Cap'n hits on March 8.

 On the other side we have the DC offering of the OG Captain Marvel now just going by Shazam. Long story short Captain Marvel (Shazam) was invented as sort of a Superman rip off in 1939. National Comics (then DC) wasn't into that and sued Fawcett (Captain Marvel Shazam editions publisher). They settled out of court but damage was done and the Marvel family sort of went into limbo. In 1967 Marvel sees the name and says "Don't mind if I do" and create there own. As Shazam came back in DC comics they pretty much traded between calling him Captain Marvel and Shazam. Now though it is pretty much Shazam only. #FactFriday So impress all the other folks in the theater with your knowledge of early comicdom. This story seems to pretty closely follow the New 52 arc and seems to be a lot more haha than the gritty DC movies they started with. Will it be the next Aquaman or will it be another one DC takes an L on? Check out the trailer and see what happens to the mightiest mortal on April 5.

 This next one is an indie gem that Im not too familiar with but the people in the know seem to think it will be worth keeping an eye on. Seems there was a movie before this called "Infinite War" or something?? Must be a period piece. Any way this is called Avengers: Endgame and if you think it is the kinda thing you could get into here is the trailer and seems it will be in theaters on April 26. If the buzz is to be believed this may do pretty Ok so maybe try for the matinee showing. 

Spidey killed it in 2018 and that is saying something since he spent a great deal of it as dust. Between the PS4 game (my game of the year by far, feel free to @ me) and the trip to the Spider-verse, Peter had a damn fine showing. The next in the latest Tom Holland solo movies is Spider-Man: Far From Home. Peter is heading on a Euro trip and will be enjoying the sights along with his best bud Mysterio. The trailer just hit a few days ago which you can check out here and keep an eye out for the fishbowl helmet. Just to toss this in as an aside but if you haven't seen Into the Spider-verse you really owe it to yourself to do so. If you dont come out of that movie a bit more positive and ready to wear the mask yourself then I say "Ha, nice try, but that is impossible. Damn good movie though right? We should hang out more. You are a rad person and have you lost weight?"  See what I mean? Miles brings out the best in us all. 
Last up is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order coming out on Switch exclusively. We don't know much since this was just announced last month but if you played the first 2 then I assume you are stoked like I am. We seem to be getting a ton of characters and a lot of Thanos' pals to take out that Infinity War aggression on. Hopefully we get some sweet black Friday deals this year so I can grab a Switch and get in on the action when the game drops on December 13. 
So there you have it! Not all the radness we will get to enjoy but we had to share our excitement with all you wonderful folks. We have a ton of big plans this year and will be rolling more out week in and week out. There will absolutely be something for everyone. no matter the size the "Nado will have you covered in the best tee's, hoodies, and more (couldn't tell you now could i?). Now let us know what you are looking forward to be it a show about dragons, some new Funko friends, or whatever insane 3D Imax movie will rule the summer. 

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