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SC Comic Con April 17-19

comic con punisher revenge of the nerds

It's been a long time and we have missed you too! So this April 17-19 we are coming back to the Steel City Con in Pittsburgh. We will be there will an amazingly full set up of all our tee's and Funko's along with some special treats available only at the con. As we get closer we will drop a some more details but since this is the first con we have decided to do in a while we wanted to get the word out early.



Looking at the guest list for this Spring con there are a few names you will be as stoked as us to see. We have the Punisher himself (Sorry Thomas Jane, we love you too especially the Dirty Laundry short, but it's true) Jon Bernthal will be there. Seems like a fine time to get a photo with him in our Castle Demolitions tee, just saying. For all you O.G. nerds they are also hosting Robert Carradine and Don Gibbs from Revenge of the Nerds. The cinematic masterpiece that our Tri-Lam design was inspired by. You can see a full run down of the celebrities that will be there at the Steel City Con site -  RIGHT HERE

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