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New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is Here!!

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an it just be May 5th already? I mean come on let's just all agree to skip ahead so we can watch this movie. This trailer gave us our first look at Kurt Russell as the human form of Ego and a few possible plot points. I like how James Gunn has given us all a good look at this movie while not feeling like we already know what's going to happen which a lot of trailers seem to do, )looking at you Batman VS Superman...).  We will have to wait to see why the Guardians are fighting that huge tentacled alien, why Nebula is in handcuffs, and why Peter's dad Ego wanted the Ravagers to find him in the first movie. There is only about 2 months to go until Vol 2 releases but it feels light years away, yup space joke. You can check out the new trailer below and the link below that will take you to our rad Ravagers throw back mash up tee!


                                    Ravagers Tee @shirtnado!

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