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New Games, Tees, and Funkos Out Now!!

jurassic park street fighter video games

Street Fighter has put out the 30th Anniversary Collection and if you are a fan of hadoken's or sonic boom's you are in luck. It has 12 games total starting from the beginning with the O.G. Street Fighter which is cool to check out but probably won't be the one you keep going back to all the way up to Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. To celebrate this release we put out an ode to the classic win quotes from Street Fighter 2. Dhalsim has always been a favorite of mine and I loved his quote so went with something to honor all his yoga flame glory.                       

                                          Meditate and Destroy

If you prefer the outdoors and the joy of anxiously looking for a place to charge your phone constantly then the new Jurassic World mobile game is all you. I have only checked it out real quick but if you fell into the pokemon go craze then you should be right at home here. Now instead of adorable little made up animals we have massive dino a pretty good move in my opinion. While you are out collecting maybe bring an expert like Alan Grant. I don't know how to get you in touch with Sam Neil but I can get you his Funko Version and let's be real that is just as good right??                                                                                             

                                                 Dr Alan Grant

So what are you playing this weekend? A bit of fighting, bit of dino catching, something totally different??? Let us know what you're up to now that we have summer finally here in all its sweaty fun. 

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