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Making Fun: The Story of Funko on Netflix


For all the Funko Fanatics the documentary of how Funko came to be the end all in nostalgia toys is now up on Netflix. We have been into Pops! for a long time now and its cool seeing where they came from and how they are made. No matter what your nerd thing is Funko! has you covered somehow. What other company can go from Star Wars, to WWE, to the Golden Girls and have them all fit together? 

Whether you are just starting out or deep in the game we have some of the raddest Pops! ready to go on your shelf packed up like the precious bundles of joy that they are. Let us know what's your favorite or which you are looking most forward to. The glamour shots of the Gargoyle Pops! are looking awesome and I already have a spot picked out for them on my wall!  


Get your Funko fix right HERE new pre-orders up all the time so keep watching to make sure your collection is at the proper level of super awesome radtasticness!! 

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