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Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer

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The new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie hit on Monday and it was everything we needed and maybe more. The director said to maybe miss is for fear of spoilers but I've seen it a few times and don't feel like its given away anything too important. People think there are big moments hinted at but I think it is more clever editing than anything. Remember how we all thought Finn was going to be the force user walking into The Force Awakens only to find out that Rey was the real badass. Moments like the last scene showing what looks to be Rey asking our sweet sad boy Kylo to teach her is most likely 2 separate conversations made to look like they are happening together. The real question to ask is what are those ice foxes about and when will we get a Funko Pop! of them? We still have a couple months to go so we will see how much gets revealed so what do you want to see and what are you stoked on already? If you some how missed the trailer we have it below and also let me hear your ice fox fan fiction cause those are my new guys and I refuse to stop talking about them.



While we wait for opening night be sure to load up on all the finest Star Wars nerdery with our Last Jedi Funko Pops! and Rey's Recovery tee cause before she was wielding a lightsaber she was just trying to stack portions and make ends meet. 


                                                           Rey's Recovery 

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