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Looking ahead to Spider-Man: Homecoming

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In case you didn't notice we are pretty into all the comic movies that we have had since Iron Man came out and showed that these characters can be put on the big screen and bring the masses in. While we are a few months away from a new one hitting I have been biding my time rewatching and rereading a good bit of Marvel stuff. Which all lead me to this - What do we think the next Spidey movie will be like? There have been 5 Spider-Man movies since 2002 and so far 2 different actors have played Peter Parker. Some have done it well (Spider-man 2) and some have not (Spider-man 3). The current Peter Parker is played by Tom Holland who has made his introduction already in Captain America : Civil War. I wasn't sure how Marvel was going to set him up as he is basically being re-introduced to the audiences this time living in the current MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) through Civil War. I was beyond happy that they skipped the origin story out right. At this point I think even kids who never heard of Spider-man just know that he was bit by a radioactive spider, kind of sort of let his uncle die, and then decided to become a hero to make up for it. The last thing Civil War needed was a long Spidey origin tale in the middle of it so instead we find him 6 months into the job. Since we have met Peter and seen what he can do what can we expect in his new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming?

From the details that have made it out things are looking pretty good. This movie seems to be centered on the high school Peter Parker. A lot of the actors announced seem to be cast as either students or teachers so looks like the school will be a major point throughout the story. I have been reading through the Ultimate run written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Mark Bagley until Stuart Immonen took over. If you never checked it out this was a retelling of old web head for a new audience. It focused mostly on the high school Peter and retold a lot of his famous story arcs taking place in a post 2000 setting. I could just be being hopeful because I loved this run but it looks like this new set of movies could draw heavily from the Bendis ultimate story. Focusing on establishing himself as Spider-Man while dealing with his everyday problems is what made the character so popular throughout the years and the ultimate line updated those stories for the new generation.

This movie is also giving some villains that haven't been seen on the big screen their time. The main villain looks to be the Vulture with some help from the Tinkerer and the Shocker. There is also a rumor that there could be a fourth bad guy thrown in as well. That seems like a lot to put into one movie but after seeing that the last few Cap movies have basically been Avengers-lite with good guys and bad all over the place Marvel seems to know how to give everyone enough time for them to make sense. Plus if it seems a bit one sided Iron Man can always pop in since he took up being a mentor to Peter in the MCU and maybe we will get the Iron Spider suit (if you don't know what that is go check out the Civil War story in the comics from 2006. Good guys fight each other, some don't make it, and our boy Spidey gets himself a fancy new suit).  

We still have to wait until July 7th to see how this new Spider-man movie goes but you can keep the hype going by wearing a little Midtown High pride with our shirt here.

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