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Black Panther Primer Know Before You Go

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Black Panther finally gets his own movie and judging by the early reviews it is a movie worthy of the king of Wakanda. The character first popped up in 1966 in an issue of the Fantastic Four where they were given a flying car as an invite to visit. While that is an amazingly baller move there is way too much to cover in that and the following issues for this recap. So just to give you a quick summary of the man himself here is a few things to know before you get your ticket. He rules the nation of Wakanda which has always been apart from the rest of the world. They are always shown as a mix of a more tribal African culture whle beng the most technologically advanced country on Earth. The nation is also home to Vibranium (the stuff that made Cap's shield). T'Challa becomes the Black Panther after taking the mantle from his father when he dies. He is in a lot of ways similar to Cap as far as his abilities go to with him having enhanced strength, senses,and speed. Where Cap got this from the Erksine experiment Black Panther got his skills through training and the help of a special herb....yup. In the comics he has been an Avenger for years, taken part in the super hero Civil War, married the X-Man Storm, lost his title of Black Panther to his sister after a fight with Doctor Doom left him in a coma, became a depowered Man without Fear in Hell's Kitchen, became a king of the dead to save Wakanda from destruction, joined Marvel's version of the Illuminati, and then hesurvived the "Incursion" when the Ultimate Marvel universe crashed into the mainline Marvel U destroying them both but really just combining them. Yea, comics right?? Now he is n a few current books worth checking out that have him back as the leader of Wakanda and things are going great...Ok not really there seems to be a steady line of people looking to overthrow our man every month.   

That is a lot to try and follow but luckily you don't need to have read all those issues to enjoy the movie coming up. I definitely would say you should check out Captain America: Civil War since that's where we are introduced to Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa. I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it but also come on, you should have by now SMH. I think that movie while introducing us to T'Challa won't really be the lead in to his stand alone movie but I think Civil War ends n a way that more likely sets up the version of Black Panther we will see in Infinity war. This looks to be a more centered look at the world T'Challa deals with on a more day to day level before everyone comes together to take on Cable..wait... I mean Thanos, honest mistake. We will see his famly and the villains that have been there since day one like Klaw and later baddies like Killmonger and Man Ape. If you somehow still aren't stoked to see this here is the trailer to get the blood moving in that cold dead heart.

Now just to make sure you don't go in there looking like you don't know whats up we have you covered wth our "Visit Wakanda" tee. So who has seen the movie and what did you think? Let us know here, facebook, instagram, twitter, at our brick and mortar shop, or just stalk us and jump out of the bushes yelling opinons.


- Dany Wintoms

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