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5 things we need from the Netflix Marvel Universe

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The Netflix shows from Marvel have been pretty on point. They may not all be as awesome as we wanted, looking at you Iron Fist, but they have brought in a set of heroes we most likely wouldn't have got to see on the big screen. The best part of these shows are how they take the street level guys and girls and give them a spotlight. So as long as we are getting purple man and K'un Lun I think why stop there? Here is a quick top 5 of things we would love to see in the upcoming Netflix shows. Now on the chance one of these happen consider this your spoiler warning.



The Marvel cinematic universe hasn't been a huge factor in the Netflix shows yet. We haven't had much besides a few lines here and there referencing that the heroes in NYC are aware of the craziness that has happened outside the rest of the world.  The last Cap movie was Civil War and in the comics that involved everybody. I get why they can't do it on that scale for one movie but maybe we get some spill over in the Netflix 'verse. I loved how the last Daredevil season had 2 arcs. We got Punisher and the Elektra stories. Maybe the third DD season can start with a story about Matt laying low to protect his identity and not registering and Danny takes the red tights out for a bit to help him clear his name. If nothing else we get a sweet devil vs devil fight out of it. 



We got to see the team up in the Defenders but in the comics there have been a few different line ups under the Defenders name. One guy that's there more often than not is the good doctor himself Stephen Strange. He lives up the road from all this Hell's Kitchen and Manhattan madness and with the hand bringing people back from the dead and mystical ninja fights going on it would be rad to see Doctor Strange pop up to help out. Even if its just in a last minute finale kind of move. 

While we are making a wish list why not toss in some of the more comic rooted bad guys. I know these are the more grimy street level heroes but that doesn't mean every bank robber has to be a guy in a ski mask. I'm not asking for a season long story with Hydro Man or Gladiator but why not follow the more comic approach in story telling that season 2 of Daredevil started. Throw in a one off episode and just to help out I'l give you the story Netflix. Sandman is trying to help out his estranged daughter the best way he knows how, robbing banks. He hits a few gets on Daredevil's radar...get it, radar, damn I'm good...  and we get to see them throw down. Maybe Matt even takes pity on the guy for trying to help his daughter and works as his attorney a few episodes later to give us a little closure on the story. Boosh! It's just that easy Marvel. 


It's been a rumor for a while but seriously give us Moon Knight. He is the perfect character for Netflix. You get your drama, action, a few laughs, and a vengeful other worldly god. If you don't know who Moon Knight is here's the super rough breakdown. Special forces merc who dies and is brought back by an Egyptian god to protect travelers of the night. Oh and he may or may not be totally crazy to the point that you wonder if any of the stuff he has seen is real. He has split personalities and is not at all above going full on Punisher when dealing with crime. It's worth it for the fact that each of his personalities could have totally different dealings with everyone. Just imagine a stressed out Jessica Jones trying to hold back as the guy slips from one version of himself to another. There's no way its not gold.


He has been teased in Daredevil already so don't tell me it's not possible. Come on we all know we need Stilt Man. We don't deserve him but damn do we need him now more than ever. Just imagine him taking on the Defenders. Will it most likely be a 5 minute joke fight? Yes. Will it be the most entertaining 5 minutes Marvels Netflix shows ever give us? You know it will. Oh, just to add this in Stilt Man's real name is Wilbur. Just make this happen already.

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