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Toy Fair Funko Pop! Reveals and Pre-Orders!! Part Dos!

coming to america Funko Pops Funko Releases grease Mr. Rogers pee wee herman stranger things

Yesterday we dropped a few of our pre-order Pops! from the NY Toy Fair announcements and today we have the rest for you. Funko is all about covering just about any and every fan base and these new ones definitely do that. 


Starting off strong with one of the most best fellas to ever stroll the neighborhood we have Mister Rogers coming in early May. Get this guy on one end of your shelf and Bob Ross on the other and you will become 105% more chill. (That hasn't been scientifically tested but I'll still guarantee it works.)



To start off we're taking it back a bit with some of the best the 80's had to offer. From the classic comedy Coming to America we have the Pop! versions of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall as their characters Prince Akeem  and Semmi. On the TV side you can full your own playhouse with Pee-wee and his friends. You have to expect Jambi and Cowboy Curtis to be in the next set but until then you get Pee-wee, Miss Yvonne, and Chairry with Pterri 2 pack. You already know where we stand on Pterodactyls with this design already out so we're pumped to see him make a Funko appearance.                                                                                   

                                        Pterodactyls are Pterrific                                         



Grease is the word well Grease and are also the word. Either way, you no longer have to decide now that Grease has toys so rest easy kids. This wave has Danny Zuko in his leather jacket or the classic school sweater look. There's also 2 Sandra Dees. In either her school or carnival looks.



Last but for sure not least we have a few more additions for your Stranger Things shelf. To start they are calling her the "Elevated" Eleven but we all know its really the Eleven with "authentic bitchin' mind powers" edition. Your new faves are here too. Well one fave and one guy we all love to hate in Bob and Billy respectively.  To end this series Funko is giving us a new Hopper with underground murder vines look and Steve with his babysitting/hunting gear. 


We are stoked to be able to get you guys and gals all this Funko Pop! awesomeness in these pre-orders! So pick up a new set of vinyl buds and let us know who you can't wait to get an unbox or just leave mint on the shelf.

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