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Friday the 13th Game Out Now!!

friday the 13th horror video games

The new game based on the Friday the 13th movies is out and seems like good times for those who enjoy chopping those sex crazed teens into a red mist. Let it be known this still seems more like a robust beta than a finished game but there is a lot of fun to be had with it. You are randomly picked as one of 7 teens or the man himself, Jason. As a counselor you can win by repairing a vehicle, running out the clock, calling the cops or straight up killing Jason. The powers he has means Jason is still the favorite in just about every match but it isn't impossible to win as one of the teens. It needs to be said that there are plenty of bugs still that hopefully will be patched out soon but for now they are there so be well aware of that along with some connection problems. Still who doesn't like a bit of the old 80's camp killing every now and again. If you still aren't sure then check out some of Jason's best kills in this clip from GameNewsOfficial

Rad right?! Now the only way to really enjoy some good old fashion camp time is to look the part so luckily we got you covered with our Friday the 13th inspired tee!! Check it out below and pick yours up online or come out and see us at the Steel City Horror Con this June 9 -11. 


                                                       Camp Crystal Lake 


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